Jonathan Shomo, PA-C

Jonathan Shomo, PA-C, is the owner and primary clinician. Jonathan holds a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from James Madison University.

SpecialtyCardiology, and Neurosurgery
DegreesMaster’s in Physician Assistant Studies from James Madison University
Areas of Expertise
  • Primary Care
  • cardiology
  • neurosurgery


Mr. Shomo has clinical practice experience in primary care, urgent care, cardiology, and neurosurgery. He is committed to developing strong relationships with his patients while caring for their medical needs.


Springfield Hospital CenterPHYSICIAN ASSISTANT

Worked as a subcontractor for the State of Maryland in a regional inpatient forensic psychiatric hospital. Main duties included performing admission history and physical examinations on patients transferred to SHC from regional State penitentiaries and hospitals; annual physicals on patients who require long-term or permanent psychiatric care, and subsequent test ordering, referrals to somatic specialists, and other patient care as indicated; evaluating for new diagnoses and initiating new treatment care plans, orders and medications; tasked with Unit coverage as needed.

Urgent Care, Augusta HealthPHYSICIAN ASSISTANT

Consultations in a high volume, fast-paced urgent care facility treating pediatric, adult, and geriatric acute care patients. Diagnosed and treated acute illnesses, lacerations, fall injuries. Ordered and interpreted POS CBC, CMP, PT/PTT, Rapid GAS, and Influenza and initiated appropriate treatment regimens. Diagnosed and treated corneal abrasions and superficial foreign body removal. Referred and arranged transport to main hospital ED and University of Virginia specialty clinics for cases of acute abdomen, cardiac arrhythmias, pleural effusion, gynecological emergencies. Consulted with specialists from orthopedics, radiology, ENT, and others regarding specific complex, acute case findings. Ordered and interpreted x-ray for acute fall injury, pulmonary infections, upper and lower extremity fractures, pelvic fractures, spine and neck injuries. I&D of abscesses, including infected epidermoid/sebaceous cysts. Tested and treated for Lyme disease. Conducted sports physicals. Dictated charting into hospital EMR (Citrix/Meditech).

Heartland Health ClinicPHYSICIAN ASSISTANT

Acted as the main Provider in this rural primary care clinic that provides both chronic and acute medical care to community members who are part of the local conservative Mennonite churches, including those of the Old Order “horse-and-buggy” community. In adults and children, diagnosed, treated, monitored, and coordinated care for patients across a broad spectrum of clinical conditions, both acute and chronic, including, but not limited to, heart and vascular disease, musculoskeletal injury, dermatological conditions, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, neurological, and behavioral conditions. Ordered appropriate lab testing/venipuncture for medication management and treatment, ordered appropriate imaging studies (CT, MRI, US, venogram, mammography, cardiac Cardiolyte stress testing, echocardiography) as well as other diagnostic studies (Holter monitoring, sleep studies, Childhood Development assessments, pulmonary function testing, as examples).  Reviewed and assessed labs and test results to determine whether Specialist referral is indicated using Best Practice guidelines and Position Statements/Recommendations by the various medical Academies and Colleges. Utilizing sterile technique, performed simple suturing for laceration repair, I&D for abscesses, and skin biopsies (shave, punch, and wedge). LN2-therapy (both Brymill sprayer and cotton swab application) for appropriate skin lesions. Casting and splinting for simple fractures as seen on X-ray. Completed all charting, documentation, and medical correspondence per HIPPA regulations. Corroborated medical care with supervising Physician, Dr. Gene Stevens.

Department of Neurological Surgery, University of VirginiaPHYSICIAN ASSISTANT FOR DR. JEFFREY ELIAS

Duties included clinic encounters with dictations of initial visit assessments and subsequent ordering of imaging studies and interpretation (PACS system). Responsible for all pre-operative H&Ps, medical clearance exams and consultations, explanation of procedures, and obtaining surgical consent. Daily post-op inpatient rounding, management and discharge, post-op outpatient management (suture/staple removal, pain management), and assessment and care of post-op complications (infections, CSF leaks, new-onset radicular pain). Refilled Medtronic Intrathecal Baclofen (ITB) pumps. The sole responsibility for lumbar puncture outpatient procedures, specifically High Volume Lumbar Punctures (HVLP) for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) assessment and ITB trials for spasticity utilizing Ashworth rating scale both pre-and post-ITB infusion via LP. First Assist in outpatient OR procedures, including Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) lead extension and battery placement, carpal tunnel release, and nerve biopsy. Class II prescription privileges.


Analyzed Student Health specimens, including hematology slide preparation and reading/resulting, urinalysis testing, strep and mononucleosis screening, and phlebotomy collection of HIV, RSV, and other venipuncture testing.

Scott Bronstein, M.D., DermatologistMEDICAL ASSISTANT

Assisted in all forms of biopsy collection and surgical procedures, including set-up, incision techniques, suturing, and wound care preparation. Collected, prepared, and verified fungal elements and parasite specimens. Managed all aspects of in-office laboratory including preparing for CLIA inspections, processing biopsy specimens, autoclaving surgical instruments, and ordering lab and surgical materials.

PCEA Kikuyu HospitalVolunteer Work

Volunteered in Kikuyu (near capital city, Nairobi) and West Pokot, Kenya. Renovated solar hot water system for Eye Clinic. Installed and maintained freshwater systems for the hospital facility. Attended surgical procedures with resident physicians.