On-site Labs

Hastings Medical Clinic is more than an urgent care clinic.  You can have your blood drawn at HMC and processed at UVA, with next-day result results. We are equipped to perform most routine lab tests, from blood work for pregnancy tests to urinalyses for urinary tract infections, on-site during your visit. Our clinic works with UVA to provide patients with seamless, streamlined care and treatment plans.


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    We are equipped to handle the skincare needs of your entire family.


    Testing for chronic fatigue syndrome is definitely recommended and certainly helps to diagnose the condition. After testing is completed, a few different treatments can be used, including medication, getting plenty of rest, and natural remedies

  • Consumption mortality

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    Sports physicals and Back-to-school check-ups give Dr. Shomo a chance to do a thorough physical exam and update vaccinations.